Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Danger Man

" Danger Man" braves all manner of potential disaster, be it man made or natural in origin. "Danger Man" faces things that would make Rambo shutter in fear and "The International" ball up in the fetal position under his blankets. All he needs is his bottle and flippers!


Barry Armer said...

Good eye to see and capture this scene! Your composition allows us to make up our own "Danger Man" story!

Well done!

Wayne Beck said...

Danger Man is good, real good. But I want to know what is written on his bottom. Is it a magic pharse to repell water monsters?

Larry J. Patrick said...

I have been looking at this one for a couple days, and could not decide what I thought of the photo until today. I like it, but, the part of the dock that runs parallel to the bottom of the photograph seems to block me from entering the photo. I think that if you cropped that out, your eye would have a great line that moves to the man and then onto the sign.

Good eye to see this one.