Thursday, November 27, 2008

Two Approaches

Today’s posts are of two different approaches to similar subjects. At least they are similar in as much as they are both photos of two men working high off the ground in industrial situations. In both photos I let the original conditions for the image capture point me in a direction for the post processing and ultimately to the final image. In the case of the sign hangers the post processing was only a crop and some basic color correction and sharpening. In the photo of the steel erectors the final image here is the result of twelve separate layers and quite a bit of photo manipulation. In both cases the images presented are an accurate representation of what I saw in the scenes that prompted me to capture the moments.


Barry Armer said...

I like the top one the best! It has a surreal feel to it and a pronounced fine art look to it!

Well done!

Larry Patrick Photography said...

I agree with Barry. Good photo.

Larry said...

Thanks for the comments Barry and Larry. I like the way it turned out too, but was afraid I might be pushing the post-processing a little too far.