Sunday, November 16, 2008

Man's Best Freind

Dog's - you gotta love em', right? Photographers can no more resist a shot of an engaging dog than they can an old truck in a field or a shorebird! There's not that much in common between these two shots other than they are both dogs.

The "mom and pups" shot was taken last weekend while my brother and I were out shooting at Hugo Point Park in Chambers County. She appeared to be at worst abondoned or at best a "community" dog. Although this photo shows only two pups she actually had five, and mom and pups all looked healthy.

The Great Dane was in his yard at the fenceline calmly watching the traffic go by. He was a big fellow and made his companion, a full-grown Mastive, look small. I took the shot from the drivers side of my car when my wife and I spotted him as we drove by. I like the look of complacency on the dogs face and the way the fence adds a sence of scale to the shot.

Hope you enjoy them.

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