Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Canadian in Baytown

This was a scene often duplicated in the post Hurricane Ike Gulf Coast area. Many trees were lost, 750 on one local golf course alone, in what was reported as for more damage than what was sustained from Hurricane Alicia 25 years earlier. And on top of the completely destroyed trees many more suffered some degree of less-than-fatal damage.

This worker was a Canadian lumberjack who had hired on with a company from Mississippi that had come to work in Baytown after Ike. This small crew worked there way down the coast working cleanup from hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike over the past few years. We ended up hiring them to take out some of our trees, including one that had fallen on my workshop. This shot was taken while they were removing a couple of big pines from my neighbor’s house across the street.
Tech: Oly e-3, 50-200 lens, f4.9@ 1/1000, ISO400 Post Processing: high pass sharpening and curves [I usually stick with the "linear contrast" preset] and Lens Correction Vignete.

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Barry Armer said...

Well done Larry!
You captured a great moment!