Monday, August 30, 2010

I have recently become the proud owner of an Olympus Zuiko Digital ED8mmF3.5 Fisheye lens. This Saturday morning my brother and I took a trip to downtown Houston in search of some elusive impact shots and it was my first opportunity to put the lens to a test. Luckily I was not disappointed! The lens is all I had hoped it would be and I believe it really gives me a new tool to enhance my photography.


Barry Armer said...

Cool shot! Looking forward to future fascinating photos from the fisheye!


Doug Haass said...

Unique perspective Larry. I've always wanted to try out a fisheye from the Canon line. It's not like you can shoot everything with it, but there are occasions, such as the one you present here, that make it worthwhile.

It looks like it could be a huge eyeball with monstrous buildings reflected in it. I would like to see you try some different filter effects on this to see what you could come up with. Maybe shoot for something with a futuristic city look.

Nice job.

Kyle said...

Barry, it sounds like you fantasize fervently for fun fisheye faculties :-)