Monday, April 19, 2010

Brenham Calf in Bluebonnets

This weekend the Bay Area Photo Club of Clear Lake had a field trip to the Chappell Hill - Brenham area to take advantage of the wild flowers the area is famous for. I confirmed on the trip that for the most part cows make excellent and patient posers!


Cindi said...

Darling! The calf really adds to what can sometimes be a rather boring subject, just a field of Bluebonnets. I like where you have positioned it in the composition, even though it is centered horizontally it is a little above that vertically and that works well. I wish the road or path behind it was not there, it is a little distracting and I wouldn't hesitate to clone it away to just grass but otherwise I love this shot.

David A. said...

Real nice Larry! Was she a Blue Bell employee? Laying down is even better for a shot in the flowers. How far did you have to reach out with the zoom?

Barry Armer said...

Nice shot Larry!

Looks like part of a Blue Bell or Chick-fil-A advertisement! :-)

Well done!