Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sadie and The Orange Daisy

OK, if you follow this blog you've seen the orange Daisy and the orange dog Sadie before. But you haven't seen them both in the same shot utilizing the strobist method of lighting. This was really just an exercise for me to utilize some equipment I purchased months ago but hadn't gotten around to using. In this shot I used a Paul C. Buff transmitter on my Oly E-3 to trigger my Oly FL50R off -camera flash. I used a small knock-off soft box on the flash which my wife held high and photo right. Room for improvement here for sure but at least I broke some gear out of it's box!


Barry Armer said...

Nice shot Larry!

I like the directional lighting that leaves some shadows for depth but not so much that it hides the details.

Well done!

Doug Haass said...

I love the sidelight on Sadie. It provides depth to a 2D photo. Color is nice in both, but I have to say I would prefer Sadie by herself. I think the shot would have more impact by having one subject.

Unless you can place the flower in Sadie's hair without her trying to eat it. But that could be another shot too!

Doug Haass said...

I forgot to add the detail and focus on her eye are good too.

Larry J. Patrick said...

Very nice lighting on Sadie's face. I also really like how intently she is looking at you. Good doggie portrait.