Sunday, November 29, 2009

BNC Osprey Again

This is the same Osprey in the same tree at the Baytown Nature Center that I posted on my October 9 blog entry. Yesterday morning I was able to get a few paces closer and, I think, improve the shot. This would have been a better shot had I had a "Better Beamer" flash extender in play to add a little fill light to the body.


Doug Haass said...

Nice job getting in close Larry.

The Beamer would help, but you would still have some difference in lighting at the neck where the sun is hitting the face. You would be adding light across the whole exposure, so it would in turn increase the light on its face too.

The Beamer would eliminate the noise in the darkened part of the bird and allow you to possibly manually balance or blend the light on the bird's body with some adjustments.

CGTTL said...

Maybe it's a personal taste thing, but I like the bright light calling attention to bird's the head.

And I especially like the sharpness of the focus on the eye.

Larry said...

Thanks Doug and Charlie. I really liked the exposure on the Osprey's head in this shot. It just makes me aware of how nice the shot would have been if the same light had hit it's body as well. Oh well, I see this Osprey a lot at the BNC so maybe I'll get another shot. This weekend I [and several others]also spotted an Eagle and several Hawks!

Barry Armer said...

Nice shot Larry! I like the exposure just like it is! If the rest of the bird had been lit the same as the head you would pick up some detial in the body but would lose some overall depth in the photo.

Well done!