Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mohawk Kid

This photo is taken at a family reunion in Sweeny, TX last June. It’s a distant cousin’s child so I not even sure of his name. One thing is for sure though this Mohawk-headed child was large and in charge at the reunion! Seemed like a natural to photograph with my E-3. I like the exposure in the shade of some large oak trees. Hope you like the photo.

Tech: Oly E-3 w/ 12-60 zoom, f7.1 & 1/160 @ ISO 1250, 55mm Post Processing: Duplicate Background>Curves>High Pass Sharpen>Topaz Simplify>Lens Distort>Vignette


Barry Armer said...

Great shot Larry!

I love the kid's expression (and haircut of course)!


Larry said...

Thanks. I had this one at the club for a program night and made a few adjustments [vignette and "Simplify"] that seemed to help.