Friday, December 5, 2008

Guitar Highway

I took advantage of this local highway project just before opening to stage this scene. It was part of an effort to fulfill an assignment for my photography club of “still life.”

Tech: Oly E-3 f4.5 & 1/60 @ ISO 1600, 60mm Post Processing: Duplicate Background>Curves>Mask Sheet Music to Minimize Hot Spot>Brightness Layer, Merge visible>Topaz Adjust Simplify>Lens Correction Distort

1 comment:

Barry Armer said...

I think the way this shot is composed it is about the leading lines of the road and the sky and not some much about the guitar and music stand. I wonder if it would improve the "still life" aspect of the image to crop in from the left to about half-way through the music stand (cloning the other half out completely) and proportionately from the bottom? This would make the guitar a little more important in the composition and maybe you could inhance that importance with a lighting effect to either draw more attention to the guitar or less to the background.

At any rate I like this photo and I think it has "good bones" and that it might possibly be improved with some additional post-processing.