Monday, November 22, 2010

Medieval Musician

By popular demand - here is a cropped version of yesterday's post. I am always concerned that I might be cropping away to much of the "environment" from an "environmental photo" when I do this. What do you think?
A medieval musician at the Texas Renaissance Festival outside of Plantersville, TX. this past weekend.


Larry J. Patrick said...

Nice portrait. Good lighting and color combination. I do wonder what the two instruments in the background add to the overall portrait. Without them, you have a much stronger diagonal line with the cloth in the background and the musician's shoulder and arm.

Doug Haass said...

Nice gritty exposure here. This guy was a popular subject for all of us, including last year. It was hard to control the background considering the number of people attending these shows. A square crop, or close to it, might be in order here.