Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big Blue Marble

The Bay Area Photo Club of Clear Lake had their Honor's Night program last night and the shooting assignment was "Blue". In spite of the three month window to shoot the assignment I ended up taking this shot the morning of the meeting and printing it an hour before the deadline! One of the judges didn't like the glaring light which was of course my favorite aspect of the shot and something I actually emphasized in post-processing. Oh well, you pay you money and takes your chances!


Kyle said...

Art is subjective, which is why we use a panel of three judges instead of just one. What's important is that *you* like the photo.

Larry J. Patrick said...

I liked this one, but I did wonder why you did not use a blue tint rather than black and white on the rest of the photo. I think that would have made the "blue" more evident and still allowed the marble be the central point. To me, the bright light on the left of the marble really adds to the photo and does not distract my eye. Again, art is subjective.