Thursday, September 16, 2010

Harvest Table

As mentioned yesterday, this was my "A" shot submitted for consideration at Tuesday night's BAPC Honor's Night program for the assignment of "Food". Unfortunately the judges didn't think it met the standard of applicability to the assignment. This on a night when one judge also struggled with whether or not a macro shot of an orange slice would be considered a food shot!


Barry Armer said...

This is a brilliantly composed still life and unquestionably a food shot. Looks like it could be the cover shot for a future issue of the cook book!

Well done!

David A. said...

Have to agree with Barry. It appeared this one was well thought out. I was taken back by the comments and wanted to make a few of my own but..... I give you an A+!

Kyle said...

There is no question this is a quality shot. The composition is pleasing and the lighting is spot on. Sharpness and depth of field are good and the shot has a nice mood. I might suggest blurring the view through the window to keep the viewer inside. I suspect one of the reasons the judges weren't sure about the applicability is that they didn't t think it was clear enough this shot is mainly about the food. It could be about the cookbook or the flowers, or it could be a lifestyle shot. As for the orange slice, it too was an excellent shot but I agree with the commentary that its abstractness superseded its "foodness."

For what it's worth, Sye completely disagrees with my comments above about the applicability.

Cindi said...

I like a lot about this image too, but maybe because so much is going on it doesn't necessarily convey to the viewer the idea of "food". It works better for me as a still life in general and I agree with Barry that it could be a cookbook cover or seen in Better Homes and Gardens or any similar magazine. Your close up of the tray of vegetables DID give me that feeling of Food and using the shallow depth of field was creative and added another dimension. I am sure with different judges you would have gotten some completely different interpretations!