Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Forest Park Mausoleum

We stopped by Forest Park Cemetery on Lawndale Saturday morning after we finished shooting downtown and I snapped this shot of one of the mausoleums.


Barry Armer said...

This is another example of a shot I wanted and just couldn't get with my 24mm lens. This shot has a lot of drama to it. The effect that this fisheye lens gives to the door on the right is especially interesting!

Well done!

Cindi said...

I agree with Barry, the fisheye has done some very interesting distortion to this shot. The curve of the outer walls somehow makes me feel like I am in this scene. And the way the light is hitting different areas around the image creates so much movement and highlights all the molding and carving, it makes my eye travel all around. I really really like the sepia tone you have chosen too, it makes the texture and all the architectural details stand out so well. Just wonderful on so many levels. It might also make a great layer in a composite image. This one needs to be printed!