Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grass Planters 3_ AKA - More Lens Please

This aerial shot was taken from the observation level atop the SanJacinto Monument at the SanJacinto Battlegrounds in Deer Park, Texas. The subject was the volunteer wetland restoration project in Burnett Bay sponsored by the Galveston Bay Foundation. This shot was taken as the GBF organizers set out buckets of cord grass for the volunteers who would be planting a little later in the morning. Which brings me to the subject of my subtitle - "More Lens Please!" I threw all the lens I had at the shot, which meant my 50-200 and 1.4 tele-converter. This combination along with a crop factor of 2 on my Oly E-3 netted a 35MM equivalent of 560MM. I would have like to had another 200MM available for a tighter composition but it's hard to justify the $7,000.00 price tag of Oly's flagship 300MM f2.8 lens. In the meantime I do think this wide shot will provide an interesting comparison for a follow-up shot in a year or so after the newly planted grass has had a chance to get established.

What your viewing here is a shot looking across the Houston Ship Channel with the historic Lynchburg Ferry in the foreground left. Beyond the chemical storage tanks the small man made islands to be planted can be seen. Some of the islands have buckets of grass placed on them and volunteers can be seen [if you squint] placing additional buckets on the islands in the right middle ground.

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Barry Armer said...

Nice aerial perspective of the event! Looking forward to the "after" shot in a year or so!

Well done!