Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Different Perspective

I was thinking about the BAPC's upcoming Honors Night program and the assignment of "Unusual Perspective" when I took this shot. There are several things about the shot I like, but also a couple I'm a little cool on. Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll bite. I'm wrong about half the time. Outside of you shooting a photo while on your hands and knees (or possibly lying down), which probably meets the unusual perspective part of the assignment, what am I supposed to focus on in the photo?

There are two guys, neither distinct nor the apparent subject. There is a red table, but the focus isn't on it. There are some glass walls on both sides that have some curved perspective as a result of the angle you shot from and probably from using a wide angle lens. There are some colored blocks coming from the glass walls. What's the subject of the assignment?

Just some things to think on Larry. Again, I'm only the voice of one. Also, if you stick with this one I would ditch the hole where the sky pops through. I would clone it and add some leaves to cover.


Cindi said...

I do like the position you have chosen here with all the leading lines from the bricks but I agree with Doug that there is not really a point of interest apparent. I wish all those lines were leading to something with some impact. I think this area or somewhere similar is something you should explore further but find a subject to emphasize from that perspective.