Friday, May 1, 2009

Cannon Crew

Another shot from the San Jacinto Day Festival this past weekend. Do to the rain-shortened program format the Texicans only fired one cannon shot on this day. In the full reenactment both sides fire several volleys.


Anonymous said...

Larry, without being there, I'm trying to figure out this shot. I can tell you have an overlay, but can't see much of the cannon. Explain please!!

Larry said...

The overlay is the San Jacinto Battle flag of Sherman's volunteers. The main shot is an artillery crew of firing a cannon. I like the combination, but am guessing that I missed the mark a bit!:)

Anonymous said...

Nice shot(s) Larry. I think the overlay would work better if you used a mask and hid the part overlaying the cannon and soldiers so that the flag was mostly in the background.