Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Freeway the Dog

We rescued this little rat terrier early Thanksgiving morning running down HWY 225 in traffic. We are currently at our animal limit so we just taking care of Freeway until we can find a suitable home. Our vet says she's in good health and is around 8-10 months of age. She's very shy and is a handful at her age. We've been keeping her on our breezeway and she has eaten 3 large pot plants, the end off a rocking chair, chewed a garden hose in half, and ruined a 24" pipe wrench and an a heavy blacksmiths anvil! [I exaggerated on the last two, but not by much.] In spite of this she is a good dog and we would keep her but we would run the risk of making the evening news if we keep one more animal.

1 comment:

Larry J. Patrick said...

I think someone has her attention. Good exposure and expression on your subject, however, I wish that you had shot it with less depth of field so that the background would be softer and make her pop more from it. Hard subject to get right and you did a good job with it.