Friday, July 23, 2010

Baytown Nature Center Floral

This shot was taken at the Baytown Nature Center about six weeks ago. To me it's one of those shots that have several identifiable flaws that I like anyway.


Barry Armer said...

I don't see any flaws at all. Nice composition and good use of depth of field. I like it!

Well done!

Cindi said...

I like the soft light, the color combination and the depth of field you used. Shooting macro can be difficult if you want a pristine subject, but here you seem to be acknowledging the life cycle of these flowers. Did you look around for the critter who left the holes? That would make a good subject too!

Wayne Beck said...

I like this image, too. I have never seen a perfect scene. Perfect is just someone's opinion.

Doug Haass said...

I actually find this photo to be one of your best nature shots to date. It has that nice 'S' flow from front to back. It goes right, left and then right again as you go out of the photo.

Maybe you didn't see that in the photo due to focusing so much on what you thought it didn't have. Great job!