Friday, January 1, 2010

Pair of Shorebirds

A pair of shore birds from the Baytown Nature Center last weekend.


Doug Haass said...

White ibis and what looks like an immature tri-colored heron.

It's always a challenge between getting proper focus and maintaining a pleasant DOF. When you have two subjects on different planes (not airplanes) it's even harder to do. Looks like light was coming partway from the side, or at least at an angle. Sidelight is okay at times, but mostly should be coming over your back to get the right amount of light on your subject. Sidelight typically leaves you with shadows on faces and bodies. Okay with people but not as much with wildlife.

Try setting a white point to bring out a little more in the photo. I don't know if Picasa 3 has that capability, but look for it. Your black point is fine from what I can see in LR 2.6.

Good job getting in close. Keep shooting.

Wayne Beck said...

It appears that birds are more peaceful than humans.